Saturday, February 7, 2009

Web 2.0 for Ontario Math Leaders (reprise)

In a previous post, I asked for help in creating a one day workshop on Web 2.0 for Math Education leaders. My Personal Learning Network provided some excellent ideas in the comments.

The workshop was delivered yesterday to an eager and experienced group. Many indicated that they had seen Will Richardson at one of his appearances in Ontario, like the EDUGAINS symposium, and were ready to do more with Web 2.0.

In preparation for the session, I worked on a wiki to capture some of our ideas about

* What is Web 2.0 and why should Math Educators Care
* What are some Web 2.0 Tools (with a page for each)

I have updated the wiki with some of the ideas of the participants as well. It is a little light in the sections that I was not responsible for. Perhaps some of you will edit it to beef it up.

If you were at the session yesterday, please feel free to comment and describe a interesting discovery that you made or pose a question that is still bothering you.


Anonymous said...

The Web 2.0 session was awesome. I walked away with some great ideas and a notion to actually bite into some of the web 2.0 tools. Wetpaint was particularly intering to me. You will all be able to relate when I tell you of m disappointment upon return to my own disctrict. Yes, you guessed it, wetpaint is I started by asking that it be opened up (with the it folks) only to have my request reject on the grounds that it is an avenue for "bullying" among other things. "Frustrated" you ask? Oh yes.. I considered atring a blog on the topic to "bully" them into letting me use wetpaint.

Thanks to Jeff, Ross, Frank and Greg for the great day.

Ross Isenegger said...


I don't really understand what bullying and wikis have to do with each other. Is it because there is a discussion page? All web pages would have to be blocked if the criteria is that any venue where students can post content needs to be blocked.

Wikis have the ability to monitor content and set security better than other vehicles.

It makes me think of Mordac from Dilbert (see a selection of strips involving him).

Jeff Catania said...

Al, you need to fight this grotesque over-filtering--if not yourself then by rallying some supporters because it is utterly ridiculous that wiki sites would be blocked, let alone any site.

By the way, here's the top 10 web 2.0 tools for young learners ... wondering if anyone has tried the "create-a-graph" site?