Friday, April 10, 2015

Two new Learning Tools available

The Ministry Digital Resources Development team is delighted to announce that two new apps, Money by Mathies and Notepad by Mathies, are now available at the App Store, the Google Play Store and for Desktop.  

Please visit to access them.  

There is also an email list that you can subscribe to if you would like to receive updates about new resources.  Visit or click the link at the top of the What’s New dialog inside .

The Money by Mathies app allows students to represent values using realistic coin and bill images provided by the Royal Canadian Mint and the Bank of Canada.

The Notepad by Mathies app allows annotations to be made on top of blank, lined, isometric or grid backgrounds.

photo 4Felicity.PNG

Supports, including wiki pages with sample screen shots, can be accessed using the i button in each app or from

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