Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Circle Drawing

This seems like a long time into 2013 for the year's first post.  The occasion is the receipt of an email from Dan Meyer (possibly in error) alerting me to a fun circle drawing applet a student in England put together.  This is a nice followup to my previous posts (first, second) about Alexander Overwijk, a teacher at my alma mater, Glebe Collegiate whose motto is "in alta tende", which I have always loved.  The three of us were at OAME 2013 last week which was marvelous.  The applet would be a interesting tool to judge a freehand circle drawing contest.

Incidently, Vi Hart just posted a circle drawing video.  One of the featured speakers at OAME 2014 will be George W. Hart, who was introduced as Vi's father - only in the internet age!