Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tribute to Bob Elliott

My dad used to listen to Gilmour's Albums religiously - it was Sunday after all.  Gilmour introduced me to Bob and Ray who I just loved.  Bob Elliott died a week ago, so I am embedding two of my favorites as a tribute.

Smart - like Shakespearean Baseball

Using a CLIPS Activity in SMART Notebook - Redux

In a post from 2009, Giancarlo Brotto explained how to embed .swf downloads from MathCLIPS into SMART Notebook.  This year, SMART Notebook will be moving away from Flash, and so Giancarlo has updated the video with three methods to embed CLIPS activities, games and tools into a Notebook file.  He even added some promotion for other SMART products, I guess that is what you do if you are Global Education Strategist for SMART.