Friday, May 12, 2017

Slanty Squares

I attended a well-crafted session with Kit Luce yesterday. She handed out a square and asked us what questions it brought to mind. One participant wondered if the green square was half of the total. I thought that was interesting and also thought that the green area was clearly more than a half.

I took the rather woeful photo above, imported it into the mathies Notepad Tool, and used a grid to estimate the areas.  I was surprised that the green area seemed to be significantly less that one-half.

I then turned to Sketchpad to model the situation.  Apparently, Blogger doesn't let me use an iframe to embed a web sketch at a regular http:// address, so you have to visit the interactive sketch in its own window.

What is special about the place where the green square is exactly one-half of the area?

Do you find this as counter-intuitive as I do?

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Kit Luce said...

Thanks for sharing your thinking Ross.