Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trying out Trello

A real nugget came through by Google Reader from Joel on Software - the guy behind the Joel Test of how good a software team is ( gets at most 3/12 on it, BTW).  His company, Fog Creek Software, produces Trello, an online collaboration tool, that is currently free.

The CLIPS team has been trying it out for a couple of weeks and I think it is really promising.  The notification history provides a progress log.  You can create multiple checklists and easily monitor progress and you can send notifications to specific members of the team.  You can see how the Trello team uses it, by going to their development board, likely after you have signed up.  Best of all, it feels like the value of using it exceeds the effort of maintaining it.

I expect that my massive following (100 readers according to Google Reader) will flood their servers to the breaking point moments after I press the Publish button since no one I have mentioned it to has heard about it.  Here is their announcement video which is a good introduction:

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