Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NFB Performance Rights

I just received this message from the Near North's Educational Technology Coordinator, Jane Henderson:

I received an update from the Ontario Educational Software people (OESS) and as of April 1st, the Ontario Government has paid for performance rights – classrooms, libraries, etc.. Please go to (The National Film Board). There are no passwords – all we need to do is go to the website and enjoy. This is a great educational site, so please make sure you forward this message to the staff at your school.

So, I don't need a lot of encouragement to pursue a diversion! And I have been looking for a film that I remember with fondness from my school days, The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes by Bill Mason. Not only did I find it, but I can embed it here. Besides its interesting geological information, it reminds us of the significant damage that is being done to the Great Lakes by human activity.

See my earlier post about another movie I remember with fondness, the Log Driver's Waltz.


Anne Shillolo said...

Hi Ross, I was following your other blog by mistake, hope you're having a great year. Two movies I have always wanted to find (again) are Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen, and one on skateboarding which I could vividly remember visually. So I went to this site and... ta da! The Leonard Cohen movie is listed, from 1965, and I even found the skateboarding one. It is called The Devil's Toy and was directed by Claude Jutra in 1966. Wow, fun. Now I want to see them!

Doug said...

Loved that film when in school. Especially love seeing rapids I recognize on the French R.