Sunday, June 22, 2008

Turning bookmarks into blog posts

Have you noticed that more and more bloggers are doing this?

I am not sure that I like it. If I wanted to subscribe to a blogger's bookmarks, I could add them to my network and subscribe to their feed as I do for dougpete, brightideasguru and beekeeper. Isn't it just enough to let your readers know you tag under a certain name somewhere?

BTW, I tag under the name rossisen.

Maybe, I am just feeling cranky because I have subscribed to more feeds than I seem to be able to handle (I saw the >1000 descriptor this week).

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I'm in full agreement with this Ross. I too have too much coming through my reader and never pause to read these delicious lists.

Anonymous said...

i get plenty of spam
right there in my e-mail
without going begging.
haven't even been *tempted* so far
by any of this "social","2.0" stuff ...
the web wasn't broken ...

Ross Isenegger said...

@vlorbik - Don't you think that blogging and commenting is "Social Web 2.0 stuff"? I really like Social Bookmarking and as I mentioned have three "friends" whose bookmarks I watch. It is having bloggers automatically converting their bookmarks into daily or weekly posts that I was questioning. You have a lot of blog posts that are essentially links, ne c'est pas? But, I wasn't putting you in the same category.

Anonymous said...

my distaste kicks in
when you have to "register"
(or "sign in" or what have you):
if i can just go someplace
(with whatever browser i've got)
and read their stuff,
so far so good. if i can
post comments, so much the better.

so i use blogger & wordpress.
but not without a great deal
of discomfort even there:
the editing interface for wp
frustrates the b'jeezus outta me
(see here, e.g.).

it's quite typical of "upgrades"
that they make things *harder*;
i cite pullam's LL post
about this every chance i get (see?).

with all that said, i'll admit
that i lied a little about never
having been tempted ... lots of
very interesting bloggers use "feeds"
and if i like somebody's writing
it makes me more inclined to respect
their judgements in other matters.
for that matter, i've even got
a "facebook" account.
one of those writers i like
started up something with them
and invited readers to check it out.
so i did. but i don't get it.