Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good News on the Video behind the Firewall Front!

This news via the Using ICT in Further Education blog (you may notice that Patricia is number 1 in the International Edublogger directory and that I am eight times better than that!):

RealPlayer 11 (the basic, free edition) allows you to download video from popular video sites to your RealPlayer library.

Try it from my favorites...

Now, looking at the details in the RealPlayer Library shows that the downloaded file is an FLV. There are other players that you can use beside RealPlayer to show these. I use FLV Player. You may not have as many conversion options using RealPlayer, but you can avoid the pop-ups, ads and general worry that comes from using Zamzar.

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Murray said...

Hey Ross. It seems crazy to me what some schools need to do to access Web resources.

A vital 21st century skill is to be able to handle inappropriate content. By filtering and blocking, we are denying our students a chance to develop these skills.

It reminds me of what Rischard says in High Noon: that institutions can no longer move at a snail's pace when technology development is exponential.