Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Un-Read Web?

Why is Firefox so popular among Web 2.0 enthusiasts? It starts with being one or two clicks away from subscribing to RSS feeds. But it doesn't end there. Firefox has useful add-ons, like FireFTP. Recently, I have been reading about GreaseMonkey but had no idea what it was. Then the Cool Cat Teacher blog featured the humorous, short video below.

Now this is Web 2.0! Adjusting the web to your own preferences and tastes.


Ross Isenegger said...

A comic for the unsocial

Ross Isenegger said...

Rodd Lucier, who blogs at The Clever Sheep left the following comment on the site where this blog is aressessed:

I love the idea of short presentations that make their point! There is room for more PD of this nature... the quick tip; creative idea; or inspiration-of-the-moment. Call it IDEAfest, and let it be just that, quick, short, useful (or forgetful) ideas a la TED. Rodd Lucier on Friday, 15 February 2008, 13:29 EST

Ross Isenegger said...

Hey Rodd, I couldn't agree more. I think it would be a really neat format for meetings or PD sessions.

I also think it would be a welcome format for student presentations. You have five minutes - go!

It is like the elevator pitch. Succinct and compelling rather than encyclopedic.

This would be one exemplar - though I am sure there are all kinds of great ones out there - like the Common Craft videos.

Anybody want to create a wiki with 100 short Web 2.0 project ideas for Ontario schools? This could be number 1?

Rodd Lucier said...

OK, It's a bit late, but I took you up on this idea of creating a 'Read/Write Project Ideas' Wiki.

For now, I've created a table with sections for projects focused on text, audio, photography, video and cross-classroom collaboration