Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Strauss, Sketchpad, Photos, Quadratics and YouTube

I was hoping to post this from my new XO Laptop, but I have some figuring out to do about Flash, Opera, Linux and fat fingers.

However, I just had to post this video. Have you ever seen anything like it. Astonishing!


Ross Isenegger said...

From cross-listed blog:


That IS amazing - who says Mathematicians are not creative? The power of a computer in the hands of a thinker.

PS I know what you mean about fingers - anyone know of a diet for fingers? Good job I could never keyboard anyway.

Geoff Day on Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 18:10 EST #

I LOVE THIS!!! What a mash of great ideas. Try playing it without sound. Still stands on its own, but totally hooks me with the audio. 'course you have to like opera.

This should make the rounds of math, music, art, media lit, well, really any PD workshop. I would so play it for my students in any class, and make that kind of creative demonstration of understanding an assignment. Do you have a link to where I can download it? I have a workshop tomorrow and we block Youtube. Starting to get annoyed at that.

Barbara McLaughlin on Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 18:45 EST #

Ross Isenegger said...

Thanks Barb.

I am amazed at what is available at YouTube. My recent favorite is Obama's "concession" speech in New Hampshire embedded in Garr Reynolds' blog.

I am trying to leave a comment at YouTube asking about the availability of the video in another format and asking her to post the answer here, but it is my first time trying and it is making me fuss with confirmations.

You can use Zamzar to convert a YouTube video to another format if you can abide with the pop-up ads and quirkiness.

Ross Isenegger said...

I have received the .wmv and some supporting files from the author and have posted them, at least for a bit, for anyone who is interested at