Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dropball on the XO Laptop

After a little poking around and subscribing to a bunch of XO feeds, I can post a screenshot of Dropball from CLIPS from the XO Computer.

Here is a quick introduction to the XO that I found. I smirked when they couldn't get it open, since that was my experience with my kids this morning. They were so stoked about the computer that they didn't want to go to school.

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Ross Isenegger said...

Neat to watch someone going through the "birth of a new way of doing things"! Since keyboarding has never been my forte I have no problem with the keyboard - it is better than a Blackberry!

The comment re. WPA is not correct although it does take a little "basic" stuff to set up - all found on the support sites. It works just fine - and with a regular text password - not the mind boggling hexadecimal!

Also works in Williams Coffee Pub - Marilynn and I met to try them out. The mesh worked with no effort. The camera is fine although offset - you can share images easily. Video is agreed not great but probably fine for many applications.

I started reading Emma on the reader part and it was easy to download from PlanetPDF.

Any other observations from the XOPioneers?

Geoff Day on Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 18:00 EST