Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's the conversation, stupid

Sometimes I get so interested in the neat Web 2.0 tools that I forget what is important about teacher learning. That is why I found Tim Hawes' comment on Joan-Vinall-Cox's blog so germane.

In general, I'm less concerned about what medium teachers use than I am about that they may not have the conversation at all. Do we all as educators:

  1. maintain an social active professional networking page;
  2. Use 'live communication tools' like Twitter; participate in meaningful, timely professional development
  3. have received or sent a text message; connect regularly with peers, parents, students
  4. know what a wiki is; have a collaborative approach with our peers, and more importantly with our students
  5. can tell you what RSS is all about... share our knowledge and best practices
Of course, those of us who have tapped into what the 'net can do to enhance all these actions hope that our peers will take advantage of them as well...

Thanks, Tim!

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tim said...

maybe I have a future in politics after all...