Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Stand-up Economist is coming to Ontario

I loved the video above so much that I signed up for notification at Dr. Yoram Bauman's website and he sent me the following e-mail recently: (BTW, there is also a link there to an opensource microeconomics text).

Hello comedy/economics friends:

* Comedy in Toronto and Hamilton March 25 and 26! As part of my Supply Side World Tour, I'm thrilled to be performing at Ryerson University in Toronto on Tuesday March 25 at 8pm ($10 for the general public, for details and tickets email Mike at ) and at McMaster University in Hamilton on Wednesday March 26 at lunchtime (for details and ticket info email ). Fun!!!

* PS. I'll probably be returning to the Toronto area in mid-April and mid-September. (But so far I have no shows that are open to the public.) Please email me if you want to hire me to do comedy at your college, company, or Jewish Community Center! I also give a mean talk about climate change---despite appearances to the contrary, I travel infrequently, and when I do travel I am eager to do penance by giving engaging and inspiring talks on how carbon taxes can save the planet!

* Email list administration: I send out messages no more than a few times a year. If you don't want to be on this list, just email me and I'll take you off. (Please let me know if you want off, period, or if you're in a different city and want me to let you know if and when I'm in your area.) And, in case you're wondering how you got on this list, it's probably because you signed up on . (PS. "Mankiw's Principles of Economics, Translated" is heading for 350,000 hits on YouTube!)

yoram bauman, "the world's first and only stand-up economist"

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